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Schedule Fresh Pins on Your Pinterest Boards Faster

Enhance exposure of your boards and save your pinning time by scheduling pins with SocialPilot’s Pinterest scheduling tool.


Create Pins with Ease from the SocialPilot App

SocialPilot’s Pinterest scheduling app lets you create your own images for your boards. Once done, you can share those pins directly from the app itself.

Go Beyond Images with Video and GIF Pins Scheduling

Don’t limit your boards with images and infographics. SocialPilot’s pin scheduler helps you go the extra mile by scheduling videos and GIF pins to engage your audience.


Brand Your Pins with Watermarks

Improve your brand’s presence by adding logos to your pins. You can easily watermark your pins with a click on SocialPilot’s app.

Automate Your Pinning Schedule using Content Calendar

SocialPilot gives you a one-look view that displays your scheduled pins with its content calendar. You can even edit and make necessary changes to pins to empower your content strategy.


What Can You Do More With SocialPilot?

Social Media Calendar

Get a clear view of all your scheduled posts, reschedule, and reshare posts right from the calendar.

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Client Management

Invite your clients directly from the tool, let them add accounts, and you are all set.

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URL Shortening

Avoid ugly URLs in your posts with integrated URL shorteners.

Native Mobile Apps

Schedule and manage content from your mobile with SocialPilot’s Android and iOS app.

RSS Feed Automation

Add your favorite blogs in the RSS feed and let SocialPilot schedule and share them automatically.

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Browser Extension

Schedule and share content from anywhere on the internet.

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