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Assign the Right Roles To Your Teams

Manage your social media team’s collaboration efforts by enabling access to different levels such as Admin, Manager and Content Creator.

Selective access enables you to assign/limit access to only those accounts that the team members should work on. This will enable them to focus on what they need to work on, without worrying about how other accounts are doing.


Tighter Workflows Ensure That No Content Goes Unchecked

Enable Managers and Content Creators to create a workflow where Content Creators can seamlessly edit and create posts and even schedule them and wait for the manager’s approval for the posts to be published.

You can even invite freelancers or interns as Content Creators in your team and review their content before it gets published.

Delegating Operational Tasks To Your Team

Delegate the nitty-gritty of everyday operations by assigning Admin access to team members so that you can focus on growing your business. Admins have the power to invite clients and add other team members in SocialPilot.

Even without giving full admin access, you can empower your team members to add more social media accounts.


Empower Your Entire Social Media Team

SocialPilot enables content creators to tap into curated content and to create new feeds so that you never run out of content.

Moreover, with a new update, team members can now also be granted selective access to Social Inbox and Analytics Reporting for a more hands-on approach to brand engagement.

Get Your Social Media Strategy Right On-Point

Leave errors and misunderstandings behind you by having every team member on the same page through SocialPilot’s Social Calendar.